To distribute a program with pyclips on Linux

  • bruno GALLART

    bruno GALLART - 2008-05-15


    I am new programmer with CLIPS and PyClips. I want to do for my pleasure a program on botanic (with Python, Pyclips) and I want to know, when my program with PyClips will be finished, if, to install it on another computer (with Linux), I have to compile the Clips's source ?

    Thanks for your big work on CLIPS,


    • Francesco Garosi

      Hi Bruno,

      short answer first: not normally, as long as the target distribution has the same architecture and same Python version as the one where you are developing. In other words, you can distribute the PyCLIPS module as an .egg (or let it be downloaded from here) as long as you have an .egg file for each architecture you are supporting. This yields obviously for the other operating systems too, not just for Linux. You don't have to recompile CLIPS, nor have to distribute a CLIPS shared library or executable.

      The long answer is that PyCLIPS is self contained: indeed it contains CLIPS itself, recompiled with the appropriate parameters and options in a way that makes it suitable for use as a library. Indeed, when you execute the "python install" command, the setup program downloads a copy of the CLIPS source code (you can provide it yourself, as long as it's a supported CLIPS version) and recompiles it into the binary (aka "low level") submodule. This binary submodule is specific to the OS, architecture and Python version: so it's sometimes safer to install PyCLIPS from the source than to provide a binary package. On the other hand, if you provide a suitable binary package yourself for PyCLIPS, that is all your end user will need to make your program work (apart from Python, of course, and any other needed Python modules).

      This is a good question to answer in the AQ...

      I hope that this helped, feel free to ask any other questions.



    • bruno GALLART

      bruno GALLART - 2008-05-16

      Hi Francesco,

      Thanks a lot for your answer. It is exactly what I wanted to read. I am not very cleaver in Linux's system and sometimes i am quite "afraid" with its manipulations.



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