#28 Environment sometimes does not fully deallocate data


It has been reported that in some cases, when Python
exits, the CLIPS subsystem reports the following message:

[ENVRNMNT8] Environment data not fully deallocated.

Since this does not happen using the same constructs in
he standalone version of CLIPS, the problem is assumed
to reside in PyCLIPS implementation.


  • Francesco Garosi

    • assigned_to: nobody --> franzg
  • Francesco Garosi

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    The fixes for this bug or request have been accepted and
    committed to current RCS tree: next release will include these
    fixes, possibly among other enhancements.

  • Francesco Garosi

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Francesco Garosi

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    Looking at CLIPS source code I discovered that this problem
    *can* actually show up under some circumstances; CLIPS
    source code has been patched (via an automatic patch applied
    by the setup script) in order to avoid printing the message
    to the standard output and let the programmer choose whether
    or not to print it to the standard error. Since this usually
    happens when the program exits, this solution should be an
    effective workaround to avoid the annoying message.


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