Chris Parsons - 2013-08-05

As a beginner to both the above, I thought I would share some experiences?

I wanted to create a 3D model in FreeCAD and use PyCAM to generate the gCode to use
with LinuxCNC, so having an OS toolchain from start to finish

I struggled a bit to get PyCAM to recognise the exported output from FreeCAD which complained
about the STL file - didn't recognise it, which after some experimenting I managed to resolve as
detailed below...

Create your 3D model, and then export this as an STL file but specify the filename with an extension
of AST - this will generate an STL file as ASCII rather than binary (which PyCAD will not recognise)

Drop into the operating system and rename the AST file extension as STL and then you will be able to
import this file into PyCAM successfully?

Chris Parsons