Spherical tool

  • Andreas Pramesberger

    Hi all,

    recently I tried a spherical tool, 2mm diameter. Surface was already done by a 3mm cylindrical cutter, the spherical one was intended to smooth some edges.
    It turned out that the paths of the 2mm spherical cutter was wrong, way to low and much too narrow. When imported in the milling software it is possible to compare the paths, and proved milling results. Tried twice to make shure the settings in Pycam are correct.  Is there still a bug or do I do something wrong?


  • Lars

    Lars - 2012-01-24

    Hi Andi,

    I tried to reproduce your description, but I did not see this problem.

    Here you can see a screenshot of my test:
    Both tools are 3mm wide (one is spherical, one is flat). The curve at the top is exactly like I would expect it.

    Could you direct us to a screenshot of this problem?
    And maybe add a description of your setup (which version of PyCAM, which platform, which model)?


  • Andreas Pramesberger

    Ok, problem is solved. After import into the milling software the software by itself defined a milling tool with a diameter for the path, thus altering its way.
    Sorry for the mess and thank you for prompt answer.

    best regards


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