Installing on Fedora 16

  • Odemia

    Odemia - 2012-07-19

    Just went through the process of installing PyCam on Fedora 16 and have a few questions and a mapping of package names in yum.

    python-pyodeNot available

    To install pyode you will need the following packages:

    • gcc

    • ode-devel

    • Pyrex

    Then need to hack around the difference in naming of (ie simlink /usr/lib64/ to omit the .6).  Then download and compile pyode.

    sudo yum install gcc ode-devel Pyrex gcc;
    sudo ln -s simlink /usr/lib64/ simlink /usr/lib64/;
    cd pyode/directory;
    sudo python build;
    sudo python install;
  • Odemia

    Odemia - 2012-07-19

    So my questions are:
    How many of these are actually dependencies?  The only one that seems to prevent pyCam from running is the gtk gl extension.
    Can I or would you, please add this info to the wiki, for other Fedora users?
    There was no mention of psyco under dependencies in the wiki.  But I get a warning on launch that I do not have psyco.  May I suggest mentioning psyco on the Requirements page in the wiki?

    PS How do you edit posts on these forums?  I want to correct the OP.  Or preview posts for that matter, would like to know that the BBCodes work in the future.

  • Lars

    Lars - 2012-07-19

    Hi odemia,

    thanks for preparing this list.
    I took the liberty to add this to the requirements wiki page:
    Please check the result and feel free to improve it.
    (I just gave you write permissions for the wiki - sourceforge's default permissions are horribly strict …)

    I also mentioned psyco (which seems to be more or less obsolete due to Python 3) on the wiki page.
    I also tried to clarify there that pyode is not interesting for most users.
    Anyway: feel free to add the installation instructions for pyode there or maybe just link to this thread …

    Thanks for improving PyCAM's documentation!


    PS: it seems to be impossible to edit posts here - sorry!


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