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  • Paolo Villani

    Paolo Villani - 2010-10-12

    i'm using pycam 3.0 and i have a very low experience on machining. Testing  the gcode generation on pycam for this model

    I'm using the GUI to generatate toolpath for rough material removal, but i can't select zigzag nor path accumulator post-processor.

    The resulting path is a cuntinuous cut move to safe position back to previous x move down to cut Z and then cut again … while the current Z cutting position will not change.  I've a small DIY Engraver and it is very slow.

    How can i eliminate the unusefull backward movements in order to speed-up the fabrication process ?



  • Lars

    Lars - 2010-10-12

    Hi Paolo!

    I could not see your pictures, since you seem to have added a local path:
    btw.: do you use your root account for browsing the web? That's pretty brave :)

    Anyway: the ZigZag operation is specific for the DropCutter - thus you can't use it with the PushCutter. But the default operation should do it in the way you want, anyway. Please take a look at this screenschot:

    Please post your pictures again (I guess, you need to upload them somewehere else) or send them to me via my sourceforge mail address.

    Another approach (with the ZigZag path) would be to use the DropCutter, but restrict the processing boundaries to the upper half of the model and then separately for the lower half of the model. This would give you a clumsy kind of layered processing.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    PS: the next release of pycam (due in one or two weeks) will be a bit easier to use regarding the control of processing movements.


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