Drilling operations

  • kato

    kato - 2011-10-09


    I searched the forums for "drill" and didn't come up with much. I'm wondering if PyCAM supports drilling operations. I'm guessing not. It would be cool to load a 2D model composed of shapes like circles or squares. The center point of each shape is the place to drill a hole.


  • Lars

    Lars - 2011-11-17

    Hi Daryl,

    no - drilling (G81/82/83) is currently not possible with PyCAM. From my point of view, it will probably never be supported directly.
    But of course you can just place your circles in a 2D model file. Then you choose the proper tool diameter and engraving offset in PyCAM. The resulting G-code will surely not be as efficient as a real drill operation, but the cut should look fine.

    From my point of view there are two different kind of G-code generators:
    (a) a program that allows you to describe specific motions and operations directly
    (b) a program that turns a 2D/3D model into an efficient toolpath

    PyCAM is part of group (b), thus there will be no drilling …


  • jano

    jano - 2013-05-06


    Lars: you know any program of the '(a)' kind? (better if open-source and work under linux :))


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