And if....PyCAM inside FreeCAD

  • Ryback08

    Ryback08 - 2012-04-11


    I use PyCAM & FreeCAD, they are two powerfull free softwares that are complementary
    why doesn't integrate PyCam to FreeCAD and continue developement inside FreeCAD to make ultime CAD/CAM Free solution ?

    Thanks a lot for your great software.

  • Mike V.

    Mike V. - 2012-04-11

    That is an absolutely amazing idea!!!  FreeCAD is a great program, and they already have the ability to take macros written in python, and use them as plug-ins directly in freeCAD. 

  • Nicolas Vivier

    Nicolas Vivier - 2012-05-10

    As a user of both soft, I would greatly appreciate !


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