I am developing a Python application that needs to read/write from BibTex. Pybliographer seems like an obvious choice to use. Three questions:

(1) Due to the lack of maintenance, I'm beginning to wonder if using this would be a wise choice, or if, perhaps, there might be another similar project out there. Does anyone on this list know of such a thing?

(2) Alternatively, if I were to start using it, I could possibly be able to do some maintenance on the project.

(3) In the short term, I am just trying to evaluate if this does what I need, which is reading and writing BibTex from my application, and saving this data into the application's database schema. I am starting to look through the code now, but wondering if there is any documentation about this functionality specifically, or, if anyone has any tips about which source code files to start looking at for this.

thanks very much,