#77 python-bibtex doesn't process title = "{"

Severe bug
Kevin Bryan

Trying to process the dumpfile at:


It fails to parse:
@misc{ gr96analysis,
author = "W. Gr and u Giegerich and D. Strothmann and
C. Reidys and J. Weber and
I. Hofacker and P. Stadler and P. Schuster",
title = "Analysis of RNA sequence structure maps by
exhaustive enumeration",
text = "W. Gr^?uner, R. Giegerich, D. Strothmann, C.
M. Reidys, J. Weber, I. L.
Hofacker, P. F. Stadler, and P. Schuster. Analysis of
RNA sequence structure
maps by exhaustive enumeration. II. Structures of
neutral networks and shape
space covering. Monath. Chem., 127:375{ 389, 1996.",
year = "1996",
If I remove the stray '{' at the end of the text field,
it goes through (until the next such occurance in that


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    AFAIK, this is definitely an invalid BibTeX entry. Even in
    ""-enclosed fields, {} must be balanced.

    ...and I just noticed that the way pyblio escapes {} is not
    correct either. I think the only way to insert a dangling
    brace is to use the \char123

  • I also experienced this problem when I had unbalanced curly braces in a title, and in my case pyblio kept reading until the end of the file before raising an error. It was a large file (>1MB), so this took a couple of minutes. Although it is not valid BibTeX, raising an error right would be good.