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Pyana 0.9.0 released

- Updated for Xalan 1.8/Xerces 2.5
- Added basic support for tracing (see examples)
- Removed transform to DOM support (will devise
a better system in a future release)

Posted by Brian Quinlan 2004-06-21

Xalan 1.7 and Pyana

Xalan-C 1.7 has a few bugs which cause Pyana to crash while executing it's test suite.

The problem is actually fairly minor - a Transformer object that causes an exception cannot be reused without causing Python crash. The bug has been fixed in Xalan CVS but I'm not going to release new versions of Pyana until a new version of Xalan is released.

Hopefully this will happen before June of 2004.

Posted by Brian Quinlan 2004-04-16

Pyana 0.8.1 released

To learn how to use Pyana, see:

What's new in this release?
- Updated for Xalan 1.6/Xerces 2.3
- Fixed a bug where some Unicode strings would be misinterpreted as numbers

Posted by Brian Quinlan 2003-10-16

Pyana 0.8.0 released

To learn how to use Pyana, see:

What's new in this release?
- Node-sets can now be passed as XPath extension arguments
- A few more DOM methods are exposed
- Experimental support for transformation to DOM
- Support for Python wide Unicode builds (not tested)
- Support for external schema validation
- Bug fixes
- Mac OS X build support
- Updated for Xalan 1.5/Xerces 2.2
- Python2.3b1 support (including support for the new bool type
in XPath expressions)
- The getEncoding(), getPublicID() and getSystemID() methods of
InputSource objects are InputSource objects are now honored
- More detailed (and Python customizable) information presented
when DOM nodes are printed

Posted by Brian Quinlan 2003-05-05

Pyana 0.6.0 released

To learn how to use Pyana, see:

What's new in this release?

- Updated to use Xalan 1.4/Xerces 2.1
- A default ErrorHandler and ProblemListener are
automatically installed when a Transformer
instance is created. The global variables
defaultErrorHandlerFactory and
defaultProblemListenerFactory determine
which classes are used.
- Messages generated with xsl:message now
appear correctly
- Exception decoding is now done using a
preprocessor macro instead of an
include file. This should fix a build problem on
some platforms e.g. HP-UX.
- Better exception decoding of XSLExceptions
- Added Test/test.dtd to the MANIFEST.IN

Posted by Brian Quinlan 2002-09-24

Pyana 0.1.5 released for Windows, Solaris and Linux

Pyana 0.1.5 can be downloaded in source or binary form at:

The documentation can be found at:

Posted by Brian Quinlan 2001-08-14

Pyana 0.1.0 released for win32

Windows binaries for Pyana 0.1.0 have been released and are available at:

This release is the first that is stable enough to reliably perform transformations.

It also introduces the ability to extend the XPath engine with Python functions.

Posted by Brian Quinlan 2001-07-07