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2013-06-23  Thomas Heller <>

	* Updated the code with the current MemoryLoadLibrary module which
	will also work on 64-bit windows.

2013-05-24  Thomas Heller <>

	* properly implemented the activation context handling like it
	works in the python dll itself: We store the actctx, and wrap
	calls to MemoryLoadLibrary with _My_ActivateActCtx() and

2009-08-14  Thomas Heller  <>

	* Fix 'DeprecationWarning: the sets module is deprecated' in Python 2.6,
	when building an executable.

2008-04-10  Mark Hammond

	* If a Python 2.5 built app was installed over a Python 2.4 built app,
	the app would crash as Python 2.5 loaded Python 2.4's zlib.pyd; zlib is
	builtin in Python 2.5 and later, so no 2.5 version of zlib.pyd exists.

2008-12-15  Mark Hammond

	* Fix via the mailing list to fix strange icons being displayed on Vista.

2008-11-06  Thomas Heller  <>

	* Fixed a modulefinder crash on certain relative imports.

2008-11-01  Thomas Heller  <>

	* Changed the py2exe\samples\singlefile\gui\ sample to
	use the wx package instead of the old wxPython package.

2008-08-28 Mark Hammond <>

	* Copy the manifest, if any, from the 'template' into the targets
	to ensure embedded assembly references, as required for python 2.6 based
	apps, are copied.

	* Allow each target to specify Vista User Access Control flags. For 
	example, specifying 'uac_execution_info="requireAdministrator"' would
	force elevation for the final executable.

2008-05-19  Jimmy Retzlaff  <>

	* Bump version number to 0.6.8.

	* Updated test suite to be smarter about which interpreters to use
	for testing and to output stats.

	* Merged r59200 from the Python svn trunk into in order to support relative imports.

	* Use Python 2.5 to build the source distribution.

	* Include the entire test suite in the source distribution.

2008-04-17  Thomas Heller  <>

	* Changes to the test suite.

	* Fix MemoryLoadLibrary to handle loading function addresses by
	ordinal numbers.  Patch and test by Matthias Miller - thanks!

2008-04-05  Jimmy Retzlaff  <>

	* Using the options compressed=1, bundle_files=3, and zipfile=None at
	the same time now works; patch from Alexey Borzenkov (sf request id

2008-04-04  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe\ Port this module from to comtypes.  Work in progress.

2008-04-01  Thomas Heller  <>

	* Allow renaming of single-executable files; patch from Alexey
	Borzenkov (sf request id 1516099)

2008-02-29  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe\ Bump version number to 0.6.7.

	* source\py2exe_util.c: Embedding icon resources into the image
	does now work correctly even for ico files containing multiple

2007-09-07  Thomas Heller  <>

	* Patch from Grant Edwards, slightly adjusted:
	py2exe now renames the pyd files that it copies into the dist
	directory so that they include the package name.  This prevents
	name conflicts.

2007-03-26  Mark Hammond  <>
	* Samples for the 'typelibs' support, including the new option of
	pre-generating a typelib and specifying the file as an input to py2exe

2006-12-27  Jimmy Retzlaff  <>

	* Handle new parameter to fake_getline in Python 2.5
	as suggested by Tim Tucker.

2006-11-22  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe does now work sort-of on win64, with a 64-bit build of

	* On win64, complain if bundle_files < 3.  This is not yet
	supported since the code in source\MemoryModule.c does not work on

	* Updated the script (which generates import-tab.c and
	import-tab.h) for Py_ssize_t and the definition of PyInit_Module4
	on win64.  Regenerated import-tab.c and import-tab.h.

	* Don't copy w9xpopen.exe if it does not exist (on a
	64-bit Python installation, for example).

	* Add gdiplus.dll to the list of excluded dlls.

2006-12-27  Jimmy Retzlaff  <>

	* test:
		* Run all tests with and without the --compression option - this
		  catches the problems zlib problem with Python 2.5.
		* Added a test case that catches the sys.path regression.

2006-10-24  Mark Hammond  <>

	* start.c:
		* Add calc_dirname() which calculates the dirname global, and call this
		  from _InitPython, so _InitPython can be called externally before
		* My most recent checkin did not update sys.frozen to the new value if
		  Python was already initialized.  Although that is all nasty hackery,
		  it now works as before (ie, sys.frozen is set to the new value)

	* run_isapi.c:
		* Load Python before the ISAPI extension module, as that module itself
		  depends on Python.
		* Write an event log error when the ISAPI module failed to load.

2006-10-18  Mark Hammond  <>


	* Py2.5 doesn't recognize .dll as a module;
	pywintypes/pythoncom now get specital treatment

	* start.c: If Python is already initialized, assume we have struck 2
	pyexe DLLs in the same process, and adjust sys.path accordingly.
	Its kinda lame, but will work if everyone magically happens to use
	the same version.

	* run_isapi.c: Replace MessageBox (which will hang an ISAPI app) with
	an event-log entry. Entry is pretty lame; there are no message
	resources in py2exe apps.

2006-07-02  Mark Hammond  <>

	* New isapi and com_server samples

2006-06-29  Mark Hammond  <>

	* py2exe.txt: Add notes re service cmdline handling.

	* Python-dynload.c: Before doing a LoadLibrary for the Python DLL,
	ensure it isn't already in memory.  This gets the ISAPI stuff working

2006-06-20  Mark Hammond  <>

	* Support more 'command-line styles' for services
	(allowing 'pywin32' meaning the same as pywin32 itself, and 'custom'
	meaning the cmdline handler must be provided) and allow the user to
	select it via the 'cmdline_style' option.

2006-02-13  Jimmy Retzlaff  <>

	* py2exe 0.6.4 released.

    * Changed bundle-files=4 option to be the skip-archive option.
    bundle-files is really about DLLs, not bytecode files.

    * Added experimental new custom-boot-script option which allows a
    boot script to be specified which can do things like installing
    a customized stdout blackhole. The custom boot script is executed
    during startup of the executable immediately after
    is executed.

2005-12-10  Jimmy Retzlaff  <>

	* Apply a patch from Antony Kummel adding a more elaborate
    explanation for the motivation behind the special handling of
    stdout/stderr in windows (as opposed to console) applications.

    * Locate extension modules relative to the archive's location
    when an archive is used.

    * Add bundle-files=4 option which copies the .pyo files directly
    into the dist directory and subdirectories - no archive is used.

    * Performance improvements for from Thomas Heller.

2005-10-06  Jimmy Retzlaff  <>

	* py2exe 0.6.3 released.

    * Added build.cmd that builds files for release.

    * Added Jimmy Retzlaff as maintainer and changed website pointers

2005-09-09  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe\ (py2exe.copy_extensions): Make the
	dll-excludes option available on the command line - it was only
	possible to specify that in the options argument to the setup
	function before.
	The dll-excludes list can now be used to filter out dlls like
	msvcr71.dll or even the w9xpopen.exe.

	(py2exe.copy_extensions): Fix from Gordon Scott, py2exe crashed
	copying extension modules in packages.

2005-09-07  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe 0.6.2 released.

	* The source archive was not complete.

	* MemoryModule.c: Fixed a bug which loaded dlls more than once,
	with very strange effects.

	* Special handling of MSVCR71.dll and MSVCR71D.dll - they are now
	copied into the dist directory if needed.  Note that Microsoft
	explicitely states that MSVCR71D.dll - the debug version - is NOT

	* Use w9xpopen_d.exe in a debug build.  Handle the release and the
	debug version of MSVCR71 in the same way.

	* Fix the definition of Py_InitModule4 in the import table.  This
	allows to build a debug version of py2exe.

2005-09-06  Thomas Heller  <>

	* Fix the import of extensions in packages.  This made newer
	versions of wxPython (for example) fail.

2005-09-05  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe 0.6.1 released.

	* docs\py2exe.txt: Updated the html-pages.

2005-04-28  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe can now bundle binary extensions and dlls into the zip
	archive, and load them with a custom zipextimporter.  This uses
	code originally written by Joachim Bauch and enhanced by me, which
	simulates the LoadLibrary windows api call.  The exe stubs now use
	runtime dynamic loading of the Python dll.

	* py2exe does now by default include the codecs module and the
	complete encodings package.

	* py2exe\ Patch from Cory Dodt to allow building a
	service from a module inside a package.

	* py2exe\ (py2exe.find_needed_modules): Another patch
	from Shane Holloway to handle packages with multiple entries in a
	package's __path__ list.

2004-12-30  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe\ (py2exe.find_needed_modules.visit): Patch
	from Shane Holloway for better modulefinder's AddPackagePath

	* source\start.c: Patch from David Bolen, to make the unbuffered
	option work.

2004-10-22  Thomas Heller  <>

	*  py2exe can now create module crosss references in HTML format,
	and displays them in the default browser.

2004-09-22  Thomas Heller  <>

	*  py2exe\ Added the .pyw extension for Python modules.

2004-09-06 Mark Hammond <>

	* Support for stand-alone ISAPI DLL.

2004-06-02  Mark Hammond <>
2004-08-24  Mark Hammond <>

	* Various 'thread-state' issues in COM DLL support.

2004-07-30  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe\ zipfile can now be specified as None, in
	this case the Python modules library archive is appended to the
	exe-files created.  Doesn't make too much sense in the normal case
	probably, but prepares the way to single file executables.

2004-07-29  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe\ When using static built
	templates, python.dll may not be needed anymore.

2004-07-23  Thomas Heller  <>

	* (Message): py2exe 0.5.3 released.

2004-07-13  Thomas Heller  <>

	* source\run_dll.c: From Mark Hammond: patch to correctly manage
	the thread state.

	* py2exe\ (py2exe.build_executable): Add a line feed
	to the script's code, to avoid problems compiling it when it
	contains trailing white space.

	* py2exe\ Fix a problem with 2.4 when no extension
	modules are needed - py2exe didn't track that python24.dll is
	needed.  Add the '_emx_link' symbol to the ignored imports list.

2004-07-09  Thomas Heller  <>

	*  (Message): py2exe 0.5.2 released.

	* source\run_dll.c: I took out again Mark's threadstate patch, it
	breaks registering dll COM servers.

2004-07-08  Thomas Heller  <>

	*  (Message): py2exe 0.5.1 released.

2004-06-09  Thomas Heller  <>

	* source\start.c (run_script): Return an exit code of 255 when
	there's an uncatched exception in the main script.

2004-06-08  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe\ Register service dependencies when a
	service is started with the -install flag.

	* source\start.c (run_script): Triple-quote sys.path with double
	quotes to avoid problems if the directory contains single quotes
	(double quotes are impossible on Windows).

	* py2exe\ Support for precompiled .pyc and .pyo
	files, based on a patch from Shane Holloway.

2004-06-02  Thomas Heller  <>

	* source\run_dll.c: From Mark Hammond: patch to correctly manage
	the thread state.

2004-06-01  Thomas Heller  <>

	*, source/icon.rc: Change so that py2exe can be built
	with mingw32.

2004-04-28  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe\ Run the 'build' command before actually
	building the exe, and insert the lib and plat_lib directories to
	sys.path.  After the exe is built, sys.path is restored.

2004-04-27  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe\ Fix ModuleFinders import_module() method,
	see  I assume the fix will it make
	into Python 2.4, but not earlier versions.

2004-04-26  Thomas Heller  <>

	* (Message): Add flush() methods to the Blackhole and Stderr
	objects for windows programs.

2004-04-18  Mark Hammond

	* ( Patch sys.winver in the distributed
	pythonxx.dll, so that there is no possibility of conflicts with
	existing distributions and the registry keys found there.  Of
	note, ActivePython/old win32all versions registered 'Modules', and
	these were used in preference to the one shipped with py2exe,
	generally causing problem.

2004-04-07  Thomas Heller  <>

	* (EXCLUDED_DLLS): Readded the builtin list of system dlls to

2004-03-23  Thomas Heller  <>

	* source\py2exe_util.c: The code was calling CreateFileW directly
	instead of the function in unicows.dll, this had the effect that
	the icons could not be changed on Win98.

2004-03-12  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe\resources\ Version resource built by
	py2exe was wrong: found by Roger Upole, reported on c.l.p

2004-03-02  Thomas Heller  <>

	* py2exe\ Print a message when a service exe is
	started from the command line.

	* py2exe\ makepy code generation with bForDemand=True is buggy.
	Use bForDemand=False instead.

2004-02-17  Thomas Heller  <>

	* source\start.c (init_with_instance): Fixed a bufferoverflow when
	the exe is run in a directory with a long name, found by Ralf Sieger.

	* py2exe\ Fix two problems found by Mathew
	Thornley: Could not open the logfile because the 'sys' symbol was
	no longer defined. Wrong wording when the logfile could not be