Commit Date  
[r687] by theller

Fix a DeprecationWarning in Python2.6.

2009-08-14 19:43:50 Tree
[r686] by mhammond

Fix crash when a Python 2.5 built app was installed over a Python 2.4 built app.
The app would crash as Python 2.5 loaded Python 2.4's zlib.pyd; zlib is
builtin in Python 2.5 and later, so no 2.5 version of zlib.pyd exists.

2009-04-10 01:55:05 Tree
[r685] by mhammond

If we can't find any python's use the one we are running now

2009-04-10 01:48:01 Tree
[r684] by mhammond

Fix via the mailing list to fix strange icons being displayed on Vista.

2008-12-14 23:44:53 Tree
[r683] by jretz

Removed SourceForge from the web site upload batch file as it is no longer used.

2008-11-16 07:23:46 Tree
[r682] by jretz

Updated version number to 0.6.10dev to disambiguate from the released 0.6.9.

2008-11-16 07:23:11 Tree
[r681] by jretz

Release 0.6.9

2008-11-16 07:08:06 Tree
[r680] by jretz

Fix references to 64-bit installer filenames.

2008-11-16 06:44:11 Tree
[r679] by jretz

Include mention of Python 2.7 in ANNOUNCE and py2exe.txt.

2008-11-16 06:07:44 Tree
[r678] by theller

Correct the wiki link.

2008-11-10 18:32:49 Tree
[r677] by jretz

Updated version numbers, news, and copyright dates in preparation for the 0.6.9 release.

2008-11-10 07:32:43 Tree
[r676] by jretz

Use the right version of the interpreter for testing py2exe (why was it even working before?).

2008-11-10 07:27:18 Tree
[r675] by theller

Fix modulefinder crash on certain relative imports.

2008-11-07 06:49:39 Tree
[r674] by theller

Changed sample to use the wx package instead of the old wxPython package.

2008-11-01 12:37:24 Tree
[r673] by theller

Fix typo.

2008-11-01 12:29:42 Tree
[r672] by theller


2008-09-06 18:05:55 Tree
[r671] by mhammond

Ensure we don't clobber the manifest or version resources in pythonxx.dll

2008-08-30 07:51:40 Tree
[r670] by mhammond

[ 2038411 ] copy manifest to target executables and allow
user-specified UAC settings for the target.

2008-08-28 03:56:11 Tree
[r669] by mhammond

Vista SDK headers don't include a value for IMAGE_SIZEOF_BASE_RELOCATION

2008-08-05 05:15:40 Tree
[r668] by jretz

Update to point to svn rather than cvs. Also fixed some version info changes that were missed.

2008-06-16 21:29:12 Tree
[r667] by --none--

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag

2008-06-15 16:55:51 Tree
[r666] by jretz

Updated announce file for 0.6.6 and 0.6.8 releases.

2008-06-15 16:55:50 Tree
[r665] by jretz

Update news page for new release.

2008-06-15 16:17:09 Tree
[r664] by jretz

Include the entire test suite in the source distribution.

2008-05-19 08:57:02 Tree
[r663] by jretz

Use Python 2.5 to build the source distribution.

2008-05-19 08:56:02 Tree
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