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Commit Date  
[r680] by jretz

Fix references to 64-bit installer filenames.

2008-11-16 06:44:11 Tree
[r679] by jretz

Include mention of Python 2.7 in ANNOUNCE and py2exe.txt.

2008-11-16 06:07:44 Tree
[r678] by theller

Correct the wiki link.

2008-11-10 18:32:49 Tree
[r677] by jretz

Updated version numbers, news, and copyright dates in preparation for the 0.6.9 release.

2008-11-10 07:32:43 Tree
[r676] by jretz

Use the right version of the interpreter for testing py2exe (why was it even working before?).

2008-11-10 07:27:18 Tree
[r675] by theller

Fix modulefinder crash on certain relative imports.

2008-11-07 06:49:39 Tree
[r674] by theller

Changed sample to use the wx package instead of the old wxPython package.

2008-11-01 12:37:24 Tree
[r673] by theller

Fix typo.

2008-11-01 12:29:42 Tree
[r672] by theller


2008-09-06 18:05:55 Tree
[r671] by mhammond

Ensure we don't clobber the manifest or version resources in pythonxx.dll

2008-08-30 07:51:40 Tree
[r670] by mhammond

[ 2038411 ] copy manifest to target executables and allow
user-specified UAC settings for the target.

2008-08-28 03:56:11 Tree
[r669] by mhammond

Vista SDK headers don't include a value for IMAGE_SIZEOF_BASE_RELOCATION

2008-08-05 05:15:40 Tree
[r668] by jretz

Update to point to svn rather than cvs. Also fixed some version info changes that were missed.

2008-06-16 21:29:12 Tree
[r667] by --none--

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag

2008-06-15 16:55:51 Tree
[r666] by jretz

Updated announce file for 0.6.6 and 0.6.8 releases.

2008-06-15 16:55:50 Tree
[r665] by jretz

Update news page for new release.

2008-06-15 16:17:09 Tree
[r664] by jretz

Include the entire test suite in the source distribution.

2008-05-19 08:57:02 Tree
[r663] by jretz

Use Python 2.5 to build the source distribution.

2008-05-19 08:56:02 Tree
[r662] by jretz

Merged r59200 from the Python svn trunk into in order to support relative imports.

2008-05-19 08:49:12 Tree
[r661] by jretz

Fixed date in changelog.

2008-05-19 07:24:50 Tree
[r660] by jretz

Bumped version number to 0.6.8.

2008-05-19 07:22:47 Tree
[r659] by jretz

Run the tests using rather than test.cmd. This enables smarter logic to determine the interpreters present (e.g., if the interpreter can't be run because it is for CE, then don't use it to run tests). Also report statistics about the number of tests that succeeded/skipped/failed.

2008-05-19 07:20:42 Tree
[r658] by jretz

Without supplying a we can't be sure we get the same version number output when running this test under Python and under py2exe (because different svn dlls are found). So just print the major version number (which still tests that we can retrieve the version number).

2008-05-19 07:13:41 Tree
[r657] by theller

Ignore possible 'build' and 'dist' directories when looking for samples.

2008-04-17 18:23:29 Tree
[r656] by theller

Look for Python installations only in the directories C:\Python??, not
C:\Python*. (I had a directory c:\Python-2.4.3-wince-dev)

2008-04-17 18:22:05 Tree
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