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[r377] by --none--

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2004-01-16 08:56:33 Tree
[r376] by theller

*** empty log message ***

2004-01-16 08:56:32 Tree
[r375] by theller

*** empty log message ***

2004-01-16 08:21:12 Tree
[r374] by theller

Ignore os.path - it will never be found. This works around a problem in modulefinder.

2004-01-16 08:20:39 Tree
[r373] by theller

reST to html converter.

2003-12-30 20:51:05 Tree
[r372] by theller

A start for the docs - now in reST format, and default.css from ctypes with minor adjustments.

2003-12-30 20:50:42 Tree
[r371] by theller

Accept strings as resource types and convert thoem into unicode.

2003-12-30 20:37:37 Tree
[r370] by theller

Iterate over the dictionaries items.

2003-12-30 16:18:15 Tree
[r369] by theller

Hidden imports are back - I added all from core Python.

2003-12-30 15:54:24 Tree
[r368] by theller

Trivial fixes to make the samples more useful.

2003-12-30 14:44:32 Tree
[r367] by theller

Trivial fixes.

2003-12-30 14:44:16 Tree
[r366] by theller

The add_resource functions now require unicode parameters.

2003-12-30 09:41:00 Tree
[r365] by theller

Use Unicode versions of the UpdateResource functions instead of ansi.

Dynamically load the libraries exporting the UpdateResource functions:
from kernel32.dll on Win NT/20k/XP, from unicows.dll on Win 95/98/Me.
The latter requires unicows.dll in the directory where python.exe lives.

2003-12-30 09:31:16 Tree
[r364] by theller

Version number now is 0.5.0a7.

2003-12-30 09:25:51 Tree
[r363] by theller

Add some arguments to setup() to demonstrate building a version resource.

2003-12-29 13:48:53 Tree
[r362] by theller

Mark Hammond's Target class is back: The setup script can now specify
an instance as build target instead of a dictionary.

Add add_versioninfo() method which will try to build an add a
versioninfo resource.

2003-12-29 13:47:02 Tree
[r361] by theller

Adapt for Python 2.3.

2003-12-29 13:44:57 Tree
[r360] by theller

Remove duplicated code: ReplacePackage("_xmlplus", "xml")

2003-12-29 11:46:22 Tree
[r359] by theller

Up to Python 2.3, Modulefinder does not always find extension modules
from packages. Use a ModuleFinder with a fixed find_all_submodules

2003-12-29 11:34:18 Tree
[r358] by theller

Copy the w9xpopen.exe helper if the os or popen2 are included. This
will nearly always be the case, but w9xpopen.exe is only 16 kB, and
will not do any harm.

2003-12-29 10:37:28 Tree
[r357] by theller

Force copying of the 'template' file - we are modifying it afterwards,
so we can't use the timestamp to see if this is needed or not.

And make sure it isn't readonly.

2003-12-29 10:20:22 Tree
[r356] by mhammond

Add a new 'DllInstall' entry point for COM DLLs, so that
'regsvr32 /i:whatever' can be exploited.

2003-12-07 07:37:43 Tree
[r355] by theller

More robust was to find out whether we need are running with a debug
build or not - no longer requiring that _sre is an extension module.

The _d suffix was appended twice for the template exe files.

2003-11-13 21:00:24 Tree
[r354] by theller

Include the extending sample.

2003-11-10 07:33:13 Tree
[r353] by theller

Check the return value of the ShellExecute call.

2003-11-10 07:31:19 Tree
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