On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 3:33 PM, Brian Zambrano <brianz@gmail.com> wrote:
I was curious whether anyone knows about issues with building on Windows XP, and deploying that application on Vista.  I'm currently using py2exe successfully on XP, but don't have easy access to a Vista machine.  I'd rather know of any issues ahead of time before I try to install the application for my customer.

Searching around, I didn't find any notes on this setup.  Does anyone know if there are any gotchas I should be thinking about?

My anecdote: I build BleachBit with py2exe on Windows XP, and I test on XP, Vista, and 7.  Between my tests and thousands of users, I haven't seen any issues.

I stay away from Python 2.6.2, though, because of a Microsoft C runtime issue.  I use Python 2.5 instead.

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