The icon I am using is 32 X 32.  I don't know if this matters for Vista or if it requires a 48X48 pixel icon.
Regardless, the current code I have for this project is the following: 

In my main gui file to set the icon:

        icon = Myimages.getLabJackIcon()

In the setup.py file:

from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe
import sys
setup(windows = [{"script": 'Authorizer.py', "icon_resources": [(0, "LabJackIcon.ico")]}])

As for the wiki, creating an account fixed the problem.  Although I am going to wait to edit the page until we get a solution fully hashed out.  If there is one that is. 


On 4/18/07, Werner F. Bruhin <werner.bruhin@free.fr> wrote:
Hi James,

James Howard wrote:
> Werner,
> Thanks for the solution.
You are welcome.
   It worked on Win XP like the previous one did
> and works better (although not perfectly on Vista).  The file does not
> have the ico appear on the exe in windows explorer in vista (like
> before), but now if you load the exe, an error about not being able to
> locate the file does not come up.
Are you still doing the asign of the icon in the setup.py?  I.e. you
need to do both, the app.SetIcon(withA16x16Icon.ico), and the following
line (I think it is this one what makes the icon appear in Vista explorer)

setup(windows = [{"script": ' Authorizer.py', "icon_resources": [(0,

And if this .ico file contains e.g. a 48x48 version of the icon then
Vista will use this at the button left of the explorer window when you
click on the executable or on a file were the extension is associated
with the executable.

I use IconCool Editor to put a 16x16, a 32x32, and a 48x48 icon into one
and the same file, then this file I use for the setup.py process.


   I would include it,
> but the page is immutable to me.
Did you create an account for yourself on the wiki page?  I don't know
on the py2exe one but e.g. on the wxPython you can only change things
when you are logged in.