I am new to...everything. Just downloaded the Enthought Python Distribution and downloaded an Envisage example; Envisage seems to be the python-equivalent of Eclipse...with workbench, and extensibility via plugins...very promising.

Anyway, it is supposed to be a very simple example and it runs just fine, but I wanted to create a standalone *.exe, but can't.

Here are the files.

from enthought.envisage.api import join
from enthought import envisage
import enthought.plugins.text_editor as text_editor
import enthought.plugins.python_shell as python_shell
# The plugin definitions required by the application.
    # Core plugins .
    join(envisage, 'core/core_plugin_definition.py'),
    join(envisage, 'action/action_plugin_definition.py'),
    join(envisage, 'resource/resource_plugin_definition.py'),
    # The UI .
    join(envisage, 'workbench/workbench_plugin_definition.py'),
    join(envisage, 'workbench/action/action_plugin_definition.py'), # The shell and editor.
    join(python_shell, 'python_shell_plugin_definition.py'),
    join(text_editor, 'text_editor_plugin_definition.py')
from plugin_definitions import PLUGIN_DEFINITIONS

def main():
    gui = GUI()
    application = Application(
        argv = sys.argv,
        id = "simple_app",
        gui = gui,
        plugin_definitions = PLUGIN_DEFINITIONS,
        requires_gui = False
    application.start() # Start the application.
    gui.start_event_loop() # Start the GUI event loop.
    application.stop() # Stop the app once GUI quits.

main() # Run the application.


To run this program from my DOS prompt, all I do is this:
> python simple.py

And it runs just fine.

But if I try py2exe with the following setup.py:

from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe


and the following command:
> python setup.py py2exe

then, at the end, I get this:
The following modules appear to be missing
['enthought.envisage', 'enthought.envisage.api', 'enthought.plugins.python_shell', 'enthought.plugins.text_editor', 'enthought.pyface.api']

Needless to say, the resulting *.exe is rather small and it does not work.

The enthought pagakces in the site-package directories are directories themselves and their names end in *.egg, but they are not zipped or anything.

Any hints would much appreciated, preferably in python code that makes this simple example compile into a standalone exe file.