ty for that bit of information, it was quite useful for creating a quick workaround. :D

It seems that the two exe's are executed by a call to win32process.CreateProcess(). python.exe was indeed the problem, it was very easy to see when I printed out the cmd_line and saw that the command used in win32process.CreateProcess() looks something like this: "python.exe pyconsole.py __child__ 2386, cmd.exe". From what I could gather, the script creates another instance of itself with passed arguements that in turn create the new instance as a child process which runs the console. (err something like that anyhow :P). Hence the problem, there is a call to python.exe which doesn't exist after compiling.

I was able to find a temporary workaround by adding "console" = ["pyconsole.py"], to the setup.py and editing the cmd_line in pyconsole to point to the new "pyconsole.exe" file instead of "python.exe pyconsole.py". eg: "pyconsole.exe __child__ 2386 cmd.exe"

The temporary solution is a bit crude, but it works just the same and it saves me from having to create my own python console application for now. :P

Thanks again for that bit of info, it was quite useful!

On Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 4:35 PM, Mark Hammond <skippy.hammond@gmail.com> wrote:
On 23/03/2009 1:51 AM, A Wain wrote:

So basically I need to know why the two processes (2nd python.exe &
cmd.exe) are being supressed from loading after I compile the code.

You need to find where these processes are being created in the first place and why they can't be started.  The most obvious reason is that in a py2exe environment there simply is no python.exe to start!  Either way, the problem is probably a *consequence* of using it with py2exe, but there isn't anything py2exe can do to fix it for that app - the app must change to take account of the different environment.