I don't understand why all of you guys try to persuade me not to use py2exe for this. It seems to work.

I also solved the importing-entire-stdlib problem. I used pkgutil.iter_modules() to get the names of all the modules, then made a little script to create a file like this:

if False:
  import re
  import email
  # ...

It works! py2exe does pack the entire stdlib. Only a 10mb difference, and the installer takes 10 seconds more.

On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 10:44 PM, Thomas Heller <theller@ctypes.org> wrote:
cool-RR schrieb:
> I really would not like to make my users install Python - It's intended to
> be used by children so I'd like to keep the installation as simple as
> possible.

You should look for Moveable Python, or maybe install Python
on an USB stick.


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