Thanks a lot

fixed it in

now I'd like to  know how do I go about submitting this as a patch to have it  included in the standard library?


I've made the following changes (from line 137):

    if do_install:
        for k in service_klasses:
            if hasattr(k, '_svc_deps_'):                                                  #  check if there are dependencies                    
                svc_dependencies = getattr(k, '_svc_deps_')        #  get the value              
            else:                                                                                           #  if not  
                svc_dependencies = None                                           #  set value to None    
            svc_display_name = getattr(k, "_svc_display_name_", k._svc_name_)
            win32serviceutil.InstallService(None, k._svc_name_, svc_display_name,
                                            exeName = sys.executable,
                                            userName = userName,
                                            password = password,
                                            startType = startType,
                                            bRunInteractive = bRunInteractive,
                                            serviceDeps = svc_dependencies     #include the serviceDeps in the installService call        

Thomas Heller <>
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06/01/2004 09:34 PM

        To:        Jaco Smuts <>
        Subject:        Re: [Py2exe-users] win32 service dependency

Jaco Smuts <> writes:

> hi there
> I've written a simple python that I want to run as a service on win2k.
> I've succefully compiled it and it works fine.
> however, it depends on another service and I don't know how to register
> the dependancy. Currently when I reboot my machine it  tries to startup
> before the other service  and subsequently fails.
> any advice would be appreciated.

Please see the code in py2exe/, and

Would you like to create a patch?


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