Movable Python Pre-Release

emoticon:movpy Movable Python is done and documented - and most of the testing on Windows 98 is done. Razz

I just need to create the different distributions and get the shop setup.

Movable Python in Action

Several of the libraries I'd like to bundle with it (IPython, SPE) are about to release new versions. This means full release is about a week away.

If anyone wants a pre-release version then the cost is five pounds (sterling), and you can pay by paypal to You get free upgrades for a year, but I'll start the year from the official release date. Smile


Twenty percent of all slaes go to support the development of SPE.

What is Movable Python ?

Movable Python is a distribution of Python (for Windows) that doesn't need to be installed. It easily fits onto a USB memory stick. Python on a stick. Smile

It is integrated with SPE, the Python IDE, to make Movable Python a portable Build, Test, and Run environment. It has a nice GUI to launch programs and control its behaviour.

Movable Python is useful in the following situations:

Whats New ?

This is a major new release since the last one, and a lot has changed.

Completely new method for running files. This means you can launch multiple programs from the GUI.

Lots of new libraries and tools included. Virtually all the included tools have had version upgrades since the last release.

The GUI does a lot more :

The following (command line) options are new :

Complete documentation rewrite.

Docs are now built with rest2web.

movpyw.exe is now included in the Python 2.2 distribution.

Bug fixed where first command line argument to your program was always lost.

Bug fixed so that IPOFF actually works now.

Bug fixed so that -p in config.txt now works. Embarassed

Lots of other minor changes and improvements. Smile

Posted by Fuzzyman on 2006-01-04 09:17:49.
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