Movable Python Mailing List

emoticon: I've just created a mailing list for Movable Python.

On topic are bug reports, feature requests, questions and suggestions regarding Movable Python.

Movable Python is a distribution of Python (for windows) that need not be installed. It comes with the SPE IDE, and various other tools, to make it a fully portable 'Build, Test, and Run environment. It easily fits on a USB memory card - Python a Stick. Smile

I've set the group up in anticipation of the new version, which will be released in the early part of the new year.

Movable Python is useful for :

It could also be used to create generic executables for windows [1]. You can create an executable that will work with any standard Python features, but keeps your main code as a Python script. That way you can make changes to your code, without having to re-compile with py2exe each time.

Anyone interested in this aspect of Movable Python will have to contact me - as it will require a special build.

[1]Movable Python uses py2exe under the hood.

Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-12-23 10:53:08.
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