The original question was regarding modules, but as I had pointed out our preloader loads the main application by importing and running it. Py2exe automatically sees this and bundles all of the .py files for the application. I'm assuming this means I would need to use a separate importer in the same manner as with the module files to import and run the application when it is updated.

On Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 5:32 AM, Massa, Harald Armin <> wrote:

On the same note, is there a way to exclude it from bundling specific .py files?

Oh, the solution I recommended is spefically for use with .py  / .pyc / .pyo files. The do not even need to be compiled (.pyc, pyo)

I think I missunderstood: it sounded as you were looking to include some modules. To load .pyd and similiar from other places, you may need to check the specific library loading patch py2exe does.


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