Is there a way to tweak a py2exe executable *made with windows option* so that I can get stdout and stdin working as if it were a console executable?

I would like to be able to launch the script in a DOS window and read from stdin and write to stdout.

I wonder if there is a way to set sys.stdin and sys.stdout to recover the DOS streams.

The py2exe executable made with the windows option is already installed on my clients' machines. This file is difficult to update (I depend on the IT department for changing any .exe file and it is a complicated procedure). For updates of the application what I do is to change the non-exe files such as library.zip. I can change these files easily.

For the moment the application is a qt GUI that works well as a py2exe windows executable. But I would like to add new functionality that would work in a console environment.

Thanks a lot for any hint,