Hi!  I: am running Python 2.7.3 and py2exe 0.6.9 in 64-bit Windows 7; did "due diligence" before posting this; and know that Python's built-in help "is intended for interactive use."  Nevertheless, using the code:

    if len(sys.argv)-1:
        if sys.argv[1].lower()=='help':

I have my application successfully using Python's builtin help such that if I type at a DOS prompt:

    python myapp.py "help"

it replies the same as if I typed help('myapp') in the Python interpreter.  Also, my app builds and runs fine using py2exe...except this help functionality:

    myapp.exe "help"

returns "NameError: name 'help' undefined".  I tracked this down to py2exe not importing "site.py" (the automatically imported module that imports a wrapped version of pydoc.help) which I can understand, since its name implies that it probably imports deployment-specific data.  Nevertheless, I tried various ways to "work around" this "limitation," all unsuccessful, so I've decided to post here: is there some way to include for py2exe either site.py or, preferably (since site.py appears to import many, many other things I don't need) pydoc, or even just pydoc.help, such that myapp.exe "help" will work the same as python myapp.py "help"?  Thanks!