You should be able to run your setup script from a command prompt so that you can view any output like this:

c:\path\to\python.exe setup.py py2exe

That should let you see errors and potentially diagnose further.  We'll need that information in order to try to assist as well.


On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 10:42 AM, inq1ltd <inq1ltd@inqvista.com> wrote:
py2exe help,

I'm trying to compile my program with
py2exe-0.6.9 0n py2.7 and I'm getting an
empty dist directory.

In the past I haven't had any problems
completing this or other projects. However,
in the last year I modified some files and
added modules and files to this same project
and after running setup, I'm getting an empty
dist directory.

If I create a sys.stdout file within the
setup, the output file shows the copying of
my files to the lib and it creates the dist
directory. The last line it shows is:

*** searching for required modules **

At this time the output file is closed.
Everything is now displayed on screen until
the setup finishes and the window closes.

I believe there is an error message displayed
on the last line, but I can't read it.

So, short of knowing what the possibilities
are that can cause this problem I want to
know if there is a way to stop the setup from
closing the window when it finishes so I can
read the last line?

I can create a simple exe program using a few
files from this project by eliminating the
importing of other modules,  but there are 93
files for the entire project.

I would appreciate any help,

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