Hello Dieter, thank you for your solution with
import sys
if not hasattr(sys, "frozen"): .... it works.
But what's more I found something interesting. elib.intl.install('gtk20', local_path)  is not working - is not traslating gtk.
  elib.intl.install('gtk20', local_path)        #THIS IS NOT WORKING
  elib.intl.install('translation', local_path) #this works ok for other strings in my app
  _ = elib.intl.install_module('translation', local_path)#this works ok for other strings in my app
when I print local_path it is C:\app\locale\shares but when I change elib.intl.install('gtk20', local_path)  to elib.intl.install('gtk20', 'C:/app/locale/shares')  #please mind backslahes now it works for gtk as well. How is this possible that for gtk path in local_path vartiable is not working but for my other texts in my app it works?
many thanks,

2011/8/12 Dieter Verfaillie <dieterv@optionexplicit.be>
Quoting "Dieter Verfaillie" <dieterv@optionexplicit.be>:
Quoting "Peter Irbizon" <peterirbizon@gmail.com>:
Hello,    I am using elib.intl in my
program but when I compile it with py2exe I am getiing error
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "sss.py", line 1539, in <module>
 File "sss.py", line 512, in __init__
 File "elib\__init__.pyc", line 1, in <module>
ImportError: No module named pkg_resources  I found
http://www.py2exe.org/index.cgi/ExeWithEggs[1] but I
don't know how to include pkg_resources to exe file generated with
py2exe. How can I solve this problem? please help

You could replace elib\__init__.py with an empty file, but only
if you are sure you have no other packages that use the elib

This may even be better, could you please try the following
for elib\__init__.py:
import sys

if not hasattr(sys, "frozen"):



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