On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 8:15 AM, hari jayaram <harijay@gmail.com> wrote:
So my question is , how do I bundle the "python.exe" interpreter with the app.

I am trying to avoid using execfile or eval to evaluate my GUI derived
python script since I want feedback from the script to show up in the

I did something very much like what you are trying to do several years ago. I didn't go down the road of including python.exe. Instead I made my main script take a command line parameter that indicated whether it should run the GUI or execfile the custom script. The trickiest part is that you have to check if you are running in py2exe to determine if you want to run it with the_app.exe or with python.exe. Since the name of the script was my app's only parameter I just executed sys.argv[0] with the name of the script. This would be the_app.exe in production and python.exe during development. In the_app.py, if there is a command line parameter then execfile it and exit. If not, then start up the GUI.

Good luck!