Dear all,

I have a very simply wxPython system tray utility which gives the user the option of starting on os startup. The utility creates a shortcut and either saves it or deletes from the startup folder. In python (2.7.2) interpreter, everything works fine. When compiled with py2exe (0.6.9), the executable is unable to save the shortcut to the startup folder with an 'Access is denied' comError, although the shortcut is created successfully. What's curious is that if I use innosetup to bundle an installation of the built executable and if I set it to run right after the installation wizard, then the user is able to save the shortcut. If however the user restarts the utility, the 'Access is denied' error comes back.

This is the setup script:

    options = options,
    zipfile = zipfile,
    windows = [dict(
                script = appName().lower() + ".py",
                dest_base = r".\\" + appName().lower(),
                icon_resources = [(1, "../resources/icons/favicon.ico")],
                uac_info = "requireAdministrator",
                ###other_resources = [(24, 1, manifest)]
    ##cmdclass = {"py2exe": build_installer}, # this is used to call innosetup
    data_files = [("bitmaps", ["../resources/icons/app_big.png",
                  ("db", ["../resources/db/db.cfg"])

I am not using a manifest embeded xml.

My development machine is a win xp sp3.

Please any help or suggestions are highly appreciated,