Hello to all,

I am trying to create a simple manager for Topaz Signature pads. They do offer a static lib, or an activex ocx.
I already generated the python via makepy, renamed it to topaz_sigplus.py. I am now able to import it and it works nice.
However I want to be able to use the sigpad events. In the generated py I got this:
    # Event Handlers
    # If you create handlers, they should have the following prototypes:
#    def OnTabletTimerEvent(self):
#    def OnPenDown(self):
#    def OnPenPoint(self):
#    def OnClicked(self):
#    def OnPenUp(self):

however, I dont understand how to bind this functions.
Suppose I create my object with this:

l__sigplus = topaz_sigplus.SigPlus()
# this opens an aboutbox correctly

How do I set the event handlers to whatever I need ? Can I just do this:

l__sigplus.OnPenDown = some_function

and have:

def some_function():
    print 'hello world'

There is no clear information on the net ! The examples also are different from here (I am not dispatching dynamically etc...). I also read that the events can only be used if launched on pythonwin.exe !

Help much appreciated, as I guess many persons have the same understanding problem !

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