Hello There,
            Ok im trying to use py2exe to send my python files to my mates, im working on a window vista computer :( . At first i had difficulty installing it but them i got it working, but i now have the problem, where it gives an error message:

c:\pythonlib\site-packages\py2exe\py2exe_util.pyd is eithr not desined to run on windows or it contains an error. try installing the prgram again using the original installation media or contect your system administrator or the softwear vendor for support.

Now it says try instaling the program again with original media which i have done, but looking around on a forum i found this piece of infomation:

When Python installs, Vista '****s up' the DLL folder installation...

Now this could be whats wrong as when i try to create the folder to put the python program in it always stops when it says "Finding ddls needed", is there a way i can fix this problem please help.
Thank you for reading,

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