Image save script does not work with py2exe.
The script works with python exe but not after py2exe,
Please help !! It looks like its a PIL Error. Any clues how to resolve ?
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os, os.path, string, sys, shutil
from Tkinter import *
import Image
infile = 'c:\\testing\\Input\\562.tif'
outfile = 'c:\\testing\\Intermediate\\562.bmp'
def save():
    global infile,outfile
    print "Infile is " + infile
    print "Outfile is " + outfile
    if infile != outfile:
        except IOError:
            print "Error Cannot convert", infile
# Divide GUI into 3 frames: top, mid, bot
root = Tk()
topframe = Frame(root,
topframe.pack(padx=80, pady=10)
Button(topframe, text='Convert', command=save).pack(side=LEFT,
root.title('Image Converter')


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