Create 2 directories in the directory of executable.
"Input "
and "Output"
Store the files to be converted in Input Directory.
Thank you,
- Goutam

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Subject: Re: [Py2exe-users] executable logical error after using py2exe.

Goutam Paruchuri wrote:
I have a python program which converts one image format to other.
The destination image format is again converted to vector.
When i run the script with python executable, all works as expected.
I compile using py2exe, when i run the executable,  i get file not found error. (which means the destination file was not written to the location as it should).
Iam using Python 2.4 and Py2exe 0.6.3

Can you post the offending snippet of  code and the full traceback. You shouldn't get a 'file not found' error on *writing*.

I usually find errors like that are caused by the current directory not being what I think it is. Using print in the right place can help track down these errors.

All the best,

Help !!
- Goutam


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