Ok Andrea... I'll try that route...
Here's the link to the chilkat library (I guess you missed in my last posts)
directly: http://www.chilkatsoft.com/download/chilkatPython26.zip

I thought about asking the chilkat devs, but they're library works perfectly. The variable that messes things up is py2exe.

On Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 5:13 PM, Andrea Gavana <andrea.gavana@gmail.com> wrote:

On 28 August 2010 23:50, Mark Swalaski wrote:
> I tried using the 'dll_include' option like you suggested Andrea.
> Neither 'dll_include' nor 'dll_includes' exist as a py2exe option.

Sorry, I got confused. Try with the "packages" option. If it doesn't
work, I suggest you to inquire with the chilkut guys.

> So I tried 'includes' : '_chilkay.pyd'   which also errored saying that no
> module could be found.
> So I tried 'includes': '_chilkat'     , this did compile with no errors.
> Yet, I still have the same error when I try to run the application.
> Also, in order to use the chilkat module, you must have chilkat.py and
> _chilkat.pyd  in the root directory of the script doing 'import chilkat'
> You say it's a bug in the chlkat module, but I can run my script fine with
> no errors, while the py2exe application errors.

That doesn't mean that the chilkat module is not buggy: the
try/finally block you pasted in your previous e-mail is a bug as it is
coded, and the fact that this chilkat thing fails in such way when
compiled to an exe is an example of that.

> py2exe is supposed to compile an application that emulates what the python
> script does right?

It normally does, yes. When it doesn't, it needs a bit of tweaking to
make it work properly.

> It's not doing that.
> It seems to be a bug in py2exe then...  or someone please tell me what
> option I need to run to get it to compile and run with no errors.
> PYD files are synonymous with dlls, but are special python-like dllls, does
> py2exe have an option to correctly compile when these are dependencies?
> In my last post I gave you enough information for you to try this yourself.
> Can you try it please?

I can't, I don't have the chilkat library myself and your sample if
way too incomplete to build.


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