Hi, list!

This is my first time that I use py2exe. 
My application uses wxpython and I am using py2exe to create a windows binary package. 
My test platform is windows xp. 
I have two questions:
1) when I used 1 for bundle_files, on my test platform the compiled package worked great. 
    When I launched it on another clean copy of windows xp, the look and feel has changed to the old windows style. 
    This did not happen when I used 3 for bundle_files. Why is it? 
     Are there any ways to prevent the change of look and feel while using 1 for bundle_files?
2) Without using other installers, are there any ways to get only one binary file?
    Even when I set 1 for bundle_files, I still get some extra dlls and sub-folders within the dist folder. 

Any responses would be very helpful!
Thanks in advance.


Myunghwa Hwang

Myunghwa Hwang
GeoDa Center
School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning
Arizona State University
mhwang4@gmail.com or Myunghwa.Hwang@asu.edu