Hi all,

Cany anyone think of a reason why calling win32com.client.Dispatch() would simply hang when running under py2exe?
I've got a 3rd party object I'm trying to use and my script runs fine when run from the console.  When I build a service exe it simply hangs when creating the COM object.
I thought there might be a problem with making sure I imported the correct items, so I switched my code to instantiate the ImageMagick COM object that I used in a prior project, but that created the COM object just fine when compiled as a service...
Could this be a problem with threading styles between the exe and the COM object?
my script is doing something like this
import pythoncom
import win32com.client
import win32com.gen_py
import win32com.gen_py.SMSC
from win32com.client import gencache, constants, Dispatch
#tthis works fine...
magick = Dispatch("ImageMagickObject.MagickImage.1")
#exe hangs on this call whereas script runs fine...
myobj = Dispatch("SMSCConnectivitySDK.SMPP.1")