try posting some of your code,  But it sounds like your service is crashing.  Check the EventLog to see if there are any application messages.
A common problem is using 'print' statements.  A windows service does not have a stdout, so if you are using 'print' statements it can crash.

On 2/17/06, Brian Olsen <> wrote:
> Is this the error you are getting?  If you you need to actually install
>the service and run it from the control panel, you can't run a windows
> by just launching the exe.  you need to '-install' or '-remove' the
> service using the exe and then start using the control panel

> You don't run the service yourself - windows does it for you after you
> have it installed.
> Doesn't the exe print this help?
>     Services are supposed to be run by the system after they have been
> installed.
>     These command line options are available for (de)installation:
>         -help
>         -install
>         -remove
>         -auto
>         -disabled
>         -interactive
>         -user: <arg>
>         -password: <arg>
> You can install the service by running 'yourexe -install', and then
> start and stop it via control panel.

Thanks Gordon and Thomas.

I got the sample service working.

However, for my script, it responded that it was not starting up in a
timely fashion, which led me to assume that running the exe on the command
line will give me information why it is doing this. (I guess it doesn't.
:) It seems to be instead something in my code that is causing my original
problem (which I am slowly finding now.)


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