>>Yes - this is a pretty strange effect of a bug that loaded extensions
>>more than once.  Which led to the effect that the
>>except (ImportError, win32api.error):
>>line in win32serviceutil.py didn't catch the error.  I've fixed that in
>>CVS, and will release 0.6.2 soon.
I just downloaded 0.6.2 and started playing with it.  I'm seeing a different problem now when building a single file executable.  I am using the mxODBC module for database access and it is failing to locate the mxDateTime package. 
It looks like it did not translate an import string into a file path.  It is looking for
collect-2.4\mx.DateTime.mxDateTime\mxDateTime.pyd   instead of
collect-2.4\mx\DateTime\mxDateTime\mxDateTime.pyd ?
Here is the output at the end of a compilation attempt
*** copy extensions ***
copying C:\Python\Python24\DLLs\_socket.pyd -> C:\dev\WCMS\image_processing\Medi
copying C:\Python\Python24\DLLs\bz2.pyd -> C:\dev\WCMS\image_processing\MediaUnz
copying C:\Python\Python24\DLLs\pyexpat.pyd -> C:\dev\WCMS\image_processing\Medi
copying C:\Python\Python24\DLLs\unicodedata.pyd -> C:\dev\WCMS\image_processing\
copying C:\Python\Python24\DLLs\zlib.pyd -> C:\dev\WCMS\image_processing\MediaUn
copying C:\Python\Python24\lib\site-packages\mx\DateTime\mxDateTime\mxDateTime.p
yd -> C:\dev\WCMS\image_processing\MediaUnzipper\build\bdist.win32\winexe\collec
error: C:\dev\WCMS\image_processing\MediaUnzipper\build\bdist.win32\winexe\colle
ct-2.4\mx.DateTime.mxDateTime\mxDateTime.pyd: No such file or directory