I am having problem running exe generated from py2exe. I compiled a script which prints a line(e.g print 'Hello World') and created an exe from it. When I do not give any option either in the setup.py script or the command line (python setup.py py2exe) and create the exe and run (in the dist directory) I get the error

LoadLibrary(pythondll) failedInvalid access to memory location.

But when I give --bundle-files 1 the exe runs correctly.

I also noticed that, in the beginning of test script, when I print the sys.path it just shows

 ..\dist\library.zip                   (the dots before dist just indicate some path. not the actual output)
on my PC.

On other PCs where the exe runs correctly I see

[..\dist , ..\dis\library.zip]

Has my problem got something to do with sys.path? And why is it that sys.path is not an extention of the ennvironment variable "PATH"?