Stupid antivirus's i didn't think that they were that stupid!

On 5/25/07, Grant Edwards < > wrote:
On 2007-05-25, Frank Niessink < > wrote:

> Just wanted to report that both Fsecure and AVG Anti-virus 7.5 report
> a Trojan horse (Trojan horse PSW.Generic4.KTX) in a py2exe 0.6.6
> generated executable. AVG also reports py2exe/run_w.exe as infected.

Yup.  Somebody apparently wrote a trojan using py2exe, and the
dim-witted trojan detectors think that anying bundled using
that (and possibly other) version of pyexe is a trujan.

> I can't check Fsecure; that was reported by a user. What can I
> do about this?

Get the vendors of "security" programs to fix them.

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