Python 2.3.2

PY2EXE 0.3.4



I wrote a console application that uses the logging module.  I used logging.Formatter("%(module)s:%(lineno)d") to help in debugging the code.


I find everything works fine when calling but when I call file.exe something odd happens to the formatted information.


Instead of providing the module name and the associated line number, it always lists "__init__:988" as the source.

I investigated where this is coming from and found the following:




961    def findCaller(self):

962        """

963        Find the stack frame of the caller so that we can note the source

964        file name and line number.

965        """

966        f = sys._getframe(1)

967        while 1:

968            co = f.f_code

969            filename = os.path.normcase(co.co_filename)

970            if filename == _srcfile:

971                f = f.f_back

972                continue

973            return filename, f.f_lineno


982    def _log(self, level, msg, args, exc_info=None):

983        """

984        Low-level logging routine which creates a LogRecord and then calls

985        all the handlers of this logger to handle the record.

986        """

987        if _srcfile:

988            fn, lno = self.findCaller()

989        else:

990            fn, lno = "<unknown file>", 0

991        if exc_info:

992            exc_info = sys.exc_info()

993        record = self.makeRecord(, level, fn, lno, msg, args, exc_info)

994        self.handle(record)


Has anyone's code exhibited similar behaviour and what was done to provide proper formatted information?  I understand the *.pyc files are all in a shared zip file and would not provide paths but at least should provide the name of the module and it's associated line number.







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