>>What are the symptoms of the crash exactly?  

The Dialogue box to send error info to Microsoft pops up. No explicit messages from Python.

>>If is complaining about a missing DLL, the problem is that win32ui depends on MFC, so that DLL needs to be >>shipped too.  

Which option is used to inlcude a dll, in setup.py?
I only see an option to exclude dlls, and include packages.

        optimize - string or int (0, 1, or 2)
        includes - list of module names to include
        packages - list of packages to include with subpackages
        ignores - list of modules to ignore if they are not found
        excludes - list of module names to exclude
        dll_excludes - list of dlls to exclude

>>A better option would be to see if you can use win32gui instead of win32ui, and the problem will go away.