try importing ClientCookie at the top of your setup file?

I don't think this has any effect but when I had troubles with pygame I was told to import it at the top of setup file. However it ended up being a typo in the end.

Could we see your whole


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On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 5:55 PM, Mauro Bianchi <> wrote:
Dear list,

i am having troubles trying to use py2exe with the ClientCookie module.

i tried 2 configurations:
with the option:

'packages': ['ClientCookie',]

inside of the setup command in my
py2exe cannot find the module:
ImportError: No module named ClientCookie

if I omit this option py2exe builds my exe, but i get
ImportError: No module named ClientCookie

at runtime

The python application works perfectly (the ClientCookie module is found by Python)
Any hint?

Thanks a lot

Mauro Bianchi

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