Hello, first time using py2exe and I have some general questions that I was unable to find answers to by searching. Just a side note, I love py2exe, I don't think any other programming language has a utility that makes it this easy to package code for the end users. (c++ is hell, java is a joke, c# and vb require .NET period). I congradulate those who have worked on py2exe for making something extremely special.

1) What is the real difference for using zipfile=None or not, besides everything being packed into one exe. Is there any performance difference?

2) What exactly do the different levels of optimize do and which is best? I read on the wiki that 2 means the bytecode is not optimized, what does 0 and 1 do?

3) Is there a way to tell py2exe to automatically pull the **binary dependencies** into your program ? ( for example, pygame.rect is a **binary dependency** that does not get pulled in, I have to manually copy it each time )



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