Hey all!

I'm trying to make a quite big program of mine into a .exe file. After trying four tutorials, I still havn't been able to create a .exe file from a .py file. I figured out that that might be because I didn't add my imports to the setup script. So, I wrote a print weee script, and tried to make a .exe file out of it. Even with this script, I didnt achieve my goals.

The script is named test.py and is in the same directory as my setup.py script.

setup.py script:
from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe

      description="A brief description",

Then, I use "Run: cmd" to start a command prompt, browse to the map in which I saved both scripts, and run this command:
setup.py build

This is the output I get:
running build
running build_scripts
creating build
creating build\scripts-2.5
copying test.py -> build\scripts-2.5

I look in the build directory, no exe file, just a copy of my script in scripts-2.5. What am I doing wrong?

And a question for future reference: do I need to add imported modules the setup script? If yes, how?

Thanks in advance,
Toon Pieton