if you want to use UNICODE, do not use Windows 98. As much as I know, even Microsoft does not support that anymore.

No more probs with py2exe and unicode on Windows XP then the normal probs with unicode.

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On 4/21/06, chip nyman <> wrote:
Reporting a situation that arose with my first Python applet, while prepping a test distribution for Win98 -- seems that py2exe will build fine with either the Unicode or ANSI version of wxPython, but the resulting .exe throws a page fault if the Unicode version is used:
MyApplet caused an invalid page fault in
module MSVCR71.DLL at 0167:7c34a17c.
Using the ANSI wxPython version produces a working .exe. This fix was provided by researching this mailing list -- great resource! I tried a number of other published fixes before switching to ANSI wxPython, but got the same error.
However, being somewhat a novice, I need to know what are the consequences of using the ANSI version for an international distribution, where I'd expect to run into extensive Unicode usage?

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