I never tried the third solution. My guess on your problems is: the exact point where the files are created has been changed some times between various versions of pywin. You need write-access.

I geneally do not like my installed and distributed programms to generate code on the client machine - and, as nice it sounds with solution 3  - it adapts to all versions of typelibs; BUT are you really sure that Word 2003 is API-Compatible to Word XP ?

So for my apps I allways go with the "build specific typelib and bundle that" (Solution 2). If I support more then 1 version, (like W2003 and WXP, I bundle both typelibs and import accordingly.

(sth like:

if (installedversionofoffice is xp):
   import wordxp as word
elif (installedversionofoffice is 2k3):
  import word2k3 as word

that "(installedversionofoffice is xp)" is up for you to code ... I used some lines fom makepy.py and changed them accordingly.


2006/1/24, Ivan Horvath <pillesoft@yahoo.co.uk>:
Ciao Harald,

     thank you for your answer.
     it seems that solution 2 is working for me, but i cannot manage
     solution 3. though i think this would be the best solution.

     can you help me how i can manage this dynamic generation?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006, 10:57:12 AM, you wrote:

HAM> http://starship.python.net/crew/theller/moin.cgi/IncludingTypelibs

HAM> 2006/1/24, Ivan Horvath <pillesoft@yahoo.co.uk>:Ciao py2exe-users,

HAM> i made a small tool which converts an ms word document to
HAM> another one.
HAM> i use the msword constants made by makepy.py utility.

HAM> when i compile my tool to an exe i cannot access any constant, seems
HAM> they are not existing.

HAM> when i make a print vars( win32com.client.constant) it lists nothing.

HAM> what is the problem? how do i have to import the constants?

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HAM> Best regards,
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