>For py2exe it is a little bit more complicated since py2exe binds at runtime to the
>Python dll, which is probably not needed for you. So you should '#define STANDALONE'
>when compiling _memimporter.c.

which files need to be compile?

>Of course, you could first try everything out with the separate _memimporter.pyd file
>which can load all the other extensions from memory (but not itself, of course).
Actually I do this, and it work fine !

>Be warned that all this may be tricky, and it may or may not work for all the Python
>extension modules that you need.

so the solution for that modules is to unzip them before?

>A different, and possibly easier, approach would be to not embed but instead extend
>Python with your app. A Python script would be the top-level code that starts everything
>up, and your C++ app goes into a Python extension.

no, I'm trying to build a firefox plugin that enable python applet like java
see the screenshot (python + wxpython)
wxpython is embedded in the applet, not in the plugin