I know this is a wxPython issue - which I have resolved when running the program directly but have the original problem when running the 'installed' program (i.e. if I move the mouse over the initial 'screen' that I display, the program crashes).

I resolved the problem in python using the 'update_manifest.py' program supplied by wxPython. The explanation at the start of the program says: -
This script will rewrite the manifest resource in the python.exe and 
pythonw.exe files so it will include a dependency on the themed version
of the common controls DLL. This will allow GUI applications launched 
from the stock python or pythonw to load and use the themed controls 
on XP and Vista. This is only needed with Python 2.6+. Python 2.5 and 
prior did not have an embedded manifest so using the external manifest 
file was good enough. 
The question I have is: how do I apply the same to the python dll; i.e. after installation I presume that I need to somehow update the python dll in a similar way I do when applying the above to the python.exe.